A Dynamic Approach to Unlocking Access to Energy:

Impact Investment

Supporting and investing in existing energy solution providers to help grow and achieve scale.

All On provides debt and equity matched to the needs of energy enterprises at a range of sizes. The focus is on enterprises with proven off-grid energy technology solutions and businesses that are ready to scale.

Enabling finance

Leveraging capital for the Nigerian off grid energy sector.

All On is looking to drive long-lasting impact through supporting the development and growth of commercially viable energy solutions. Due to the scale of capital required, All On supports and invests in enabling finance facilities that leverage additional capital for off grid companies.

Enabling Environment

Fostering a supportive business and regulatory environment for off grid energy companies to thrive.

All On works with strategic partners on advocacy and policy issues to fast track the creation of an enabling environment for the renewable energy sector.

All On promotes innovation and identification of promising business and deployment models, helps partners and entrepreneurs to obtain and share information effectively, commissions industry relevant research, contributes to capacity development, and other activities required to accelerate scaling of the off-grid energy sector in Nigeria.