Browser support and text modifications

The All On website has been designed to work with a variety of browsers on different platforms. We endeavour to support the most popular browser versions in current use. Web pages can be difficult to view because the text is too small to comfortably read. Below is a list of supported web browsers along with instructions on how to increase the size of the text on any web page you are viewing.

Supported Browser Increase text size using your mouse Increase text size using your keyboard
Internet Explorer View > Text Size + or - to increase or decrease text size
Chrome Menu > Zoom Control key > + or - to increase or decrease text size
Firefox View> Zoom text only Control key > + or - to increase or decrease text size
Safari View > Make text larger Command key > + or - to increase or decrease text size
Opera Menu > Zoom Control key > + or - to increase or decrease text size

Mobile devices

Our website is also compatible with various devices; find the most recent mobile devices below:

  • iPad (1 and above)
  • iPhone (3GS and above)
  • Android phones with similar capabilities

Magnifying your screen

If increasing the text size via the browser or Windows options does not make text easy to read another solution is to magnify your screen. All recent versions of Windows include magnification software, which can make it easier to read text on the screen.

The Windows magnifier lets you increase text to a very large size. It is, however, restricted to a small portion of the screen so most visually impaired people find that they require fully-functional magnification software.

For users with the Mac OS 8 or 9 operating system the magnifier CloseView is available. Users running OS X will need to use the inbuilt zoom feature.


Videos on our website are provided mainly in YouTube to ensure video experience is optimised for different user devices and bandwidth. The videos can also be hosted in our media player in a variety of formats such as mpeg, wmv, avi, flv and mp4. Videos hosted by Shell Foundation are compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox which use the standard HTML5 player built in; older browsers such as earlier versions of Internet Explorer rely on plug-ins such as Flash to play videos.


In order to view Flash content, a flash player plug-in version 10 or above is required. If Flash is not installed on your machine you may be prompted to download the plug-in. Alternatively you can download the flash plug-in from the official Adobe site.

Alternative images or HTML versions are provided for those who wish to view content in a non-Flash format.


We use pdf files to help us preserve the look and feel of our original documents. To open and view pdf files, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. You can also convert pdf to either HTML or Text by using the Access Adobe online PDF conversion tool.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind also publishes information on accessing a PDF using screen readers for users. For further information on accessibility when using Adobe products please visit Access Adobe.

To open and view ZIP files, download the latest version from Microsoft. This extraction software allows zip files to be uncompressed so that contents can be viewed.